June 28: What's in the CSA Box?

June 28 CSA.jpg

CSA Box number 2, coming in late after the holiday weekend! In the spirit of transparency this was an off week as far as meal prep went. I wasn’t feeling well the afternoon I picked up our CSA and was pretty much down with a tension headache-migraine until the following afternoon. So I didn’t clean and store everything right away (key!) and that made cooking time less-efficient.

June 28 CSA Box

Garlic Scapes: I was intimidated when we grabbed these in our first box, but I’ve been throwing diced scapes into salads, sautéing them in place of garlic for stir fry, and adding them to my eggs. I have enough for another batch of pesto!

Broccoli: Farm fresh, organic broccoli really is the prettiest. I roasted ours with ghee and 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe’s to have on hand for meals.

Organic CSA broccoli ready to roast!

Organic CSA broccoli ready to roast!

Scallions: I chose these over radishes as I still had some from a market trip. I meant to use them in a marinade, but I ended up chopping them for use on eggs and in salads instead.

Dill: I stored our bunch in a small glass of water on the counter for a few days and its growth really took off! I used most of the bunch in a mayo-free potato salad recipe that I’m working on.

Chard: We sautéed the leaves and stems in ghee as a side for some grassfed steaks from our cow share.

Cabbage: We had our choice between cabbage or bok choy. I don’t love either of those veggies and I admit I still have our bok choy from the first box! I’m thinking another stir fry is in order.

Salad with CSA veggies while I listened to endocrine system lectures.

Salad with CSA veggies while I listened to endocrine system lectures.

2 heads of lettuce: I’m glad I went with 1 smaller head this time as we had SO many greens last week! We made it through all of them, but I thought I may turn into a rabbit. I realized that I prefer darker leaf lettuce.

Mixed greens: These are my favorite for “pretty” salads. I also topped them with runny eggs for breakfast.

Beets: The greens on our beets didn’t look great this time around. The beets ended up raw in Neil’s mason jar salads.

Peas (not pictured): I totally forgot to sketch these! I threw them into a pork stir fry.

How do you set yourself up for success on market / grocery days?