Whether you’re new to making diet and lifestyle changes or tired of spinning your wheels in the D.I.Y. chaos, you’re in the right place.

No matter where you are in your wellness journey you want to feel confident, have energy to spend with your loved ones, and put your best foot forward.

You’re ready and willing to make progress in your health goals.

You want to understand the root problem behind your health concerns, not just treat symptoms.

But you lead an action-packed life and while feeling good in your body is important to you,
parsing through pages of health and diet information can feel overwhelming.

I get it, I’ve been there.

Here are a few of my core beliefs:
Being well starts with food: even small dietary changes can make a huge impact on overall wellbeing. Whether we work together 1:1 or you try some of the resources here, every little step counts.
Nutrition is personal. Too often conventional “diets” (hell, and our society) focus on being less. They don’t teach you how to choose quality foods that are right for you and your body’s unique nutritional needs. I’ll share how to make healthy choices and make sense of terms like saturated vs. hydrogenated fat.
A balanced lifestyle includes treats. I’m not dogmatic about diet and fitness – we’re all human and deserve a salty or sweet indulgence now and then! Still, I’m a huge advocate for being an ingredient label investigator and being aware of sneaky sugars (they’re everywhere)!

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Meet Diane.

Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC)
Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP)
Founder of Root Cause Reset program
Beautycounter Senior Manager


I help boss babes heal their gut so they can balance their energy, hormones, and skin.


O hey! I’m Diane, a Michigan based certified nutritional therapist (NTC), Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP), and dogaholic with a silly streak. I share simple, real food edu-tainment and digestible nutrition tidbits, so you can own your wellness.

My Story

I’ve always loved food: whether that was eating my way through new cities (food was my motivation for taking Italian classes and studying abroad in Roma), making a mess in our small galley kitchen, or poring over the pages of Bon Appetit magazine.

After college I struggled with anxiety and digestive issues. To make matters worse, I was eating processed food and hardly exercising. I wasn’t sure where to start, but I bought a blender and started making smoothies. I tried a plant-based diet because that’s what everyone and their sister was doing on Instagram, but I was still eating too much sugar.

My skin became real cranky as a result of chronic stress and, vain as it may sound, I was determined to clean my diet and lifestyle so that I could heal my skin. I began weight training and hitting the yoga mat. I started following a Paleo-ish template and saw improvement in my skin and overall energy. I feel better inside and out.

I couldn’t stop thinking about fulfilling my passion for food and its capacity to heal.

So I enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Consultant program through the Nutritional Therapy Association and completed my certification. More about that here.

In spring of 2019 I became a Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP) and began offering G.I. testing to my 1:1 nutrition clients.

I created Root Cause Reset, my signature step-by-step nutritional therapy program to help women understand their symptoms and their body so they can create a sustainable diet and lifestyle with confidence. Learn more here.

I believe that being healthy isn’t a destination, but a practice. I look forward to helping you own your wellness!

When I’m not eyeballs deep in nutrition books I’m…
+ Hanging with my husband Neil and cuddling our dogs: Doug the Pug and Huey the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
+ Exploring our community (Grand Rapids, MI) and beyond.
+ Unwinding with a Salted Fat Mocha and a good novel.
+ Lifting weights and dabbling in yoga (sports never).
+ Watching reruns of The Office, 30Rock, or Mad Men.