Salted Fat Mocha

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Whether you’re avoiding sugar bombs, balling on a budget, or just want to treat ‘yo self with a delicious morning drink at home, I’ve got a cuppa for you.


I love a decadent latte just as much as the next person, but I’m not trying to spend $5+ on a latte at a coffee shop on the regular. I also can’t drink most drip coffee without a stomach ache, so I devised my own treat:


The salted Fat Mocha!

It’s frothy, decadent without being too sweet, and has become part of my morning ritual a few times a week.


Some of you asked for this recipe on Instagram - if you missed my Live Video, read on!


To prevent coffee jitters I limit my intake to one mug in the morning, usually followed by breakfast mid-morning. I also don’t have this every day. It may seem counterintuitive, but if I’m stressed and lacking sleep I try to avoid strong caffeine drinks so that I don’t exacerbate anxiety.


Adding in healthy fats and some protein (via collagen peptides) creates a foamy texture and using only a touch of natural sweetener prevents a blood sugar and stress hormone spike.


Really though, this drink tastes delicious without any sugar. (Pinky swear).


Why raw cacao powder?

I highly recommend using organic raw cacao powder vs. conventional cocoa powder. You can grab a big, 1lb bag on Amazon (for about $12) and enjoy all of this superfood’s nutrient-dense benefits in smoothies, coffee, and desserts. It is slightly bitter in taste (think dark chocolate!) and chalky in excess.


Raw cacao powder has not been processed like cocoa powder, so it retains its nutritional value with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. There are no hidden sugars, hydrogenated oils (yuck), or other additives. Just raw cacao powder with natural sources of magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and more.


Warning: It’s a bit impossible to say “cacao” without thinking of this skit from Portlandia.


Can I use table salt?

Please, NO! Table salt has been highly processed and stripped of health-giving properties found in natural sea salt. It also contains additives like MSG, anti-caking materials, and aluminum derivatives. No thanks.


Sea salt is best (and for cooking, in general!) because it has been minimally processed, therefore retaining trace minerals. There are so many varieties available - right now I use either Celtic Sea Salt (grayish in hue) available in bulk on, surprise, Amazon, or Himalayan Sea Salt because that’s what we have on hand.


Minerals are essential nutrients that have become increasingly difficult to obtain from diet (due to depleted soils), but they are abundant in oceans and seas via salts, sea vegetables, and seafood.


They are needed for hundreds of functions in the body, including: regulating hydration, providing electrolytes (like magnesium, sodium, potassium), supporting digestion, improving bone density, regulating sleep, regulating blood pressure, preventing muscle cramps, and more.


So do your best “Salt Bae” and throw a pinch in your mocha!

salt bae.gif

What are collagen peptides?

See my blog post (and other coffee recipe) featuring this favorite supplement!


Okay, now for the tasty stuff! It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but this all comes together in less than 5 minutes.


If you give this a try, please tag me on Instagram @ditea!


Salted Fat Mocha

Treat yo’ self with this rich, lightly sweetened coffee that’s so good you won’t miss Starbucks/”Sixbucks” drinks. And you don’t NEED to have all of these ingredients to make a good mocha - this is just what I love! See my notes below for substitutions.

10oz freshly brewed coffee
Splash of coconut milk or a nut milk (almond, or my current fave - hazelnut!)*
1/2Tbsp raw cacao powder** (or 1Tbsp if you want extra chocolatey goodness)
1tsp Fourth & Heart Vanilla Bean ghee*** OR 1 chunk raw cacao butter (my choice lately!)
1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides
Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt (Any sea salt will do - NOT Kosher or table salt!)
1/2tsp pure maple syrup or honey (optional)

Blend all ingredients on high and enjoy!

*Organic, full-fat coconut milk is delicious! Whole milk would also be nice if you tolerate dairy. Skim milk never.

**Unsweetened cocoa powder would do, but raw cacao powder has added superfood benefits including minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, and copper.

***You could also use plain ghee, grassfed Kerrygold butter, coconut or MCT oil - whichever fat you prefer to make the drink frothy. Sometimes if I use plain ghee I add a touch of pure vanilla extract. I’ve also been LOVING flavored ghee like this Cacao Chocolate Honey Ghee.

Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored post, but it does include a few product affiliate links. That means that if you found this information valuable and decide to purchase some of the products via my link I get a SMALL commission - at no additional cost to you! Those affiliate fees help me create more fun content for ya!