Client Testimonial: Marie

Marie is a minister (she was our officiant when we eloped!), a business coach, an entrepreneur, a mom, and wife. She is a badass who gets shit DONE! When we started working together she was tired of being tired, sick of conflicting diet information and yo-yo diets that didn’t feel sustainable. She wanted to feel as clear and confident about her diet and lifestyle as she felt about other parts of her life. Marie made her health a priority, and it shows! I am excited to see what she tackles next with her new energy. And if you are looking for an officiant in California…definitely reach out to her! -Diane Teall Evans

Root Cause Reset Client Testimonial  Marie.jpg

Marie B.H.

37, Riverside

“Diane got me off the yo-yo dieting concept and really got me focusing on eating healthy, GOOD food... she had me come back to basics in a way I’ve never done before. [RCR] never talked about losing weight or counting calories. It was really about incorporating healthy foods for my made such a difference in my experience.”

“I’ve noticed such an improvement in my energy. I still really enjoy my food - if I don’t eat certain things, it’s because I know it won’t make me feel good. That was a massive mindset change for me.”