Client Testimonial: Zach

Zach has a very active lifestyle and a busy schedule. Together we decided on a nutrition protocol that would fit into his daily routine! I am proud of his progress and his confidence in meal prepping! -Diane Teall Evans

When I lost my Dad last year, I gained a significant amount of weight due to stress and grief. To be honest, my weight has always been one of my biggest struggles...but that’s a story for another day. Diane gave me so many helpful tools, provided so much information that was easy to digest (pun intended), and was available for any questions I had.

Client Testimonial Zach R.jpg

Zach R.

33, Grand Rapids


I had one of those “a-ha!” moments where I realized I was feeling more energetic and my appearance was leaner. I will probably never have a 6 pack...that’s just not how my body works. But I’m learning to embrace my “thicc-ness” and Diane I have to give you MAJOR props for helping me to be a healthier version of myself.