Client Testimonial: Jacquie

It was a privilege to be on Jacquie’s team! Between a full-time job and teaching dance, Jacquie has an action-packed calendar. Together we found sustainable, healthy practices that fit her lifestyle - NO calorie counting or restrictions! We also covered real food basics and simple strategies to improve digestion. When I received her note Jacquie was in the midst of her first Whole30 and well on her way to finding food freedom within her healthy lifestyle. It was a pleasure to work with her! - Diane Teall Evans

Client Testimonial Jacquie S.jpg

Jacquie S.

26, Grand Rapids

Before my consultation I felt a bit overwhelmed with how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

I have always had a unique relationship with food, and Diane helped me shift to a more positive, encouraged, and stress-free mindset, which made me want to redirect some of my habits even more.

In the past it was hard to make changes in my health and wellbeing because I was doing it alone.

When I worked with Diane, I learned things that I will take with me for the rest of my life, and I had a teammate cheering me on to make the changes that I wanted so badly.

If I ever had a question about a food or product I knew I could trust her judgment and recommendations fully. Diane is 100% committed and interested in you and your wellbeing: no judgment, no stress - only good-hearted, smart advice to help you better yourself.