Client Testimonial: Cassie

I am so happy for Cass and love seeing her thrive - I am lucky to have helped support her on her journey in any small way, and am so proud of her! Our health is an amazing gift we can give ourselves. -Diane Teall Evans

Client Testimonial Cassie R.jpg

Cassie R.

32, Fort Collins

I was just feeling a generally tired, anxious + bloated. I wasn't sleeping well and had low energy.  I was combating seasonal depression in combination with general lethargy, I was really needing a change!   

After following recommendations, supplements and the 21-Day Sugar Detox, I was sleeping well, energized for the day + happier in my overall day to day. 

Diane is not just about body transformation, she's about whole life balance.  She recognizes that all areas of your life are changed when you're nourishing your body.  Energy, productivity, sex drive, emotional wellness, everything.  She looks at your whole self and recommends a plan that will suit your lifestyle, is adaptable to growing stressors + that will work for you even through "bad" days, so that you can easily stay on track.  I lost 50 pounds working with her and have maintained that loss for over 6 months.  I plan to lose more, but most importantly, I plan to stay on track because my body, soul + life are thriving thanks to Diane!